Who are we? (customers’ comments)
``The Roca family hails from the Cordillera Blanca. The eight Roca brothers are very proud of their origins, carrying the same name as one of the Inca kings (the last was Incaroca) and they are keen to promote an awareness of their land and its traditions while spreading the spirit of the Incas. First as hunters and later as Andean guides, the brothers have developed a profound understanding of their homeland, with its peaks, valleys, rivers and mountains. These can be explored through trekking and climbing, along either traditional or off-the-beaten-track routes.

Our programmes
Climbing and trekking new Inca trails in Machu Picchu, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, Nasca, Paracas. Also traveling by mountain bike or motorcycle, visiting the sites of the Incas in Peru and following the footsteps of Che Guevara’s journey through Bolivia.
We pride ourselves on employing only people of ``campesino’’ families so that tourism benefits local communities. We want tourism to help the people to whom this land belongs.
Respect for the environment and its people is our priority.

New Inca Trail

The route of the new Inca trail is for all-comers. Not part of the usual tourist package, it takes in the most unspoilt villages of the Callejon de Conchucos between the Andes and the Amazon forest, the heart of true Andean civilization, crossing numerous valleys and rising along the slopes of the eastern Cordillera Blanca. These are ancient Inca routes that encounter valleys, streams, lakes, lush vegetation -- including points from which Andean glaciers celebrated by climbers around the world can be admired -- the high-altitude slopes of the Cordillera Negra and verdant farmland 4,000 metres above sea level.
Here nature is unspoilt and the landscape breathtaking. It’s a place of silence, where the condor flies freely and where the spirit of the Incas accompanies every step of the trekker who comes in search of the value of nature, culture and humanity.

Meeting local people
As you discover the origins of the Inca people, you will become aware that you are in touch with the spirits of the ancients, encountering people of the remotest villages, with their mud huts and straw roofs, their welcoming smiles and their colourful, handmade clothing, going about their traditional farming lives. Here you will find Peru in all its authenticity.

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